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Übersetzungsagentur von Koerber Translations aus Dortmund

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von Koerber Translations

Translation and Interpretation services

Beeidigt als Dolmetscherin und ermächtigt als Übersetzerin in NRW / Officially sworn interpreter and certified translator for English and German in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
* Finance, banking and international business (particular experience in FOREX, derivatives, banking, exchanges)
* Property / real estate (good knowledge of UK and US technicalities)
* Dance (ballet, Tap, choreography)
* Marketing
* Legal (contracts, codes of conduct, corporation statutes and agreements)
* Medical
* Surveys
* IT, especially iOS, (instruction manuals, product descriptions)
* Telecommunications / Smartphones
* Games (Video, iOS)
* Presentations (esp. press releases, corporate presentations)
* Tourism, Gastronomy
* UK and US school- and university life
* Legal documents
* Localization of Websites
* Transcriptions
* Work in CMS Systems

* Graduated in Business Administration, Economics and Sociology (Technische Universität Dortmund)
* TSA (London Stock Exchange Securities Association) exam as Registered Representative on the Exchange), 15 years as sales/trader responsible for Top German Banking and Corporate clients out of the UK
* 5 years USA/ Florida, running my own publication, a entertainment guide for my area for German and American visitors
* Studies in Languages and Literature for Tourism Universita di Sassari (Sardinia, Italy)
* Interaction Design Specialist (one-year course and exam at the Universita di Sassari, Faculty of Architecture)
* IHK (German Chamber of Commerce) Examined Translator German - English, particular emphasis on legal/business)
* I am a German native speaker, but my family is bilingual, as my children were brought up in the UK and the USA
*Associated with www.bkohg.com as localization and software-testing consultant, business applications, telecommunications, ioS, games.
* Waiting for my paperwork as sworn translator (Regional Court), and seal to certify translations of documents


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